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704 Won The Order of Electric Propulsion System

Aug 18, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Recently, the 704th Institute of China Shipbuilding Corporation won two orders for electric propulsion systems at the same time – the 1600-ton wind power installation ship of China Railway Construction Port and Navigation Bureau and the 5000-ton wind power installation ship of China Railway Construction Port and Navigation Bureau. The total contract value of the project is nearly 200 million yuan.

704 Won The Order of Electric Propulsion System

In recent years, with the rapid development of my country’s offshore wind power market and the increasingly mature offshore wind power construction technology, the development of domestic offshore wind power resources has become saturated, but the key construction ships suitable for deep water and open sea areas are still in short supply. It is imperative to build a batch of offshore ships with a high degree of automation and strong operational capabilities. The 704 Institute took advantage of the trend and continued to cultivate deeply. With its strong technical strength and rich engineering experience in the field of wind power engineering ships, it has repeatedly won large orders.

The two projects undertaken this time adopt the power package cooperation mode, and 704 provides the whole link equipment of the power system from diesel engine to propeller.

11,600-ton self-propelled wind power installation ship

The 1,600-ton self-propelled wind power installation ship adopts full electric drive, with a length of 136 meters, a molded width of 53 meters, a molded depth of 10 meters, and a deck area of about 5,000 square meters. It can carry four sets of 8 MW or two sets of 20 MW wind turbines Equipment and components. The No. 704 Institute is equipped with 3 sets of full-turn thrusters, 3 sets of side thrusters and 1 set of pile-encircling cranes, with a lifting capacity of 2,000 tons and DP-2 dynamic positioning capabilities. After the completion of the ship, it is mainly used for the construction of fan unit equipment of 20 megawatts and above. The maximum operating water depth is 80 meters, and it can sail in unlimited navigation areas.

25,000-ton full-slewing crane ship

The design length of the 5,000-ton full-turn crane ship is 203 meters, the molded width is 50 meters, and the molded depth is 18 meters. The lifting capacity can reach 5,000 tons with a fixed stern crane. It is equipped with a DP2 dynamic positioning system and has a speed of more than 8 knots. As one of the crane ships with the largest scale, the highest configuration and excellent lifting capacity in the crane ship project under construction of China Railway Construction Corporation, its overall construction plan is advanced, forward-looking and superior, and is more suitable for the fast-growing wind power industry. The ship adopts a 6.6kv/50Hz neutral point high-resistance grounding insulation system, and the 704 Institute is equipped with 3 sets of 3150kw azimuth thrusters and 3 sets of 2500kw bow lateral thrusters.

In addition to conventional configurations, in order to meet the needs of ships performing DP operations (with the CR symbol) in closed-loop operation mode, the 704 Institute fully considered the design requirements and advanced concepts of closed-loop power systems from the power system design stage, and passed and designed The Institute and the shipowner fully communicated, optimized the design of the power system, and provided core equipment such as advanced generator protection devices, medium-voltage switchboards, integrated energy management systems, and propulsion control systems with independent intellectual property rights of 704 Institutes. Maximize system redundancy and reliability.

The signing of the contract fully reflects the recognition of all parties for the strength of the 704 Institute in the field of offshore wind power, and marks that the 704 Institute has taken a solid step on the road of independent research and development of core equipment. The 704 Institute will take this opportunity to continue to deepen cooperation with all parties, strive to achieve more outstanding achievements in the field of offshore wind power, and contribute more to the realization of the national “double carbon” goal.

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