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Do You Know about Wire and Cable WDZ and Wire and Cable 90D?

Jul 6, 2023 | Standard Products | 0 comments

Wire and cable refers to materials used for power, electricity and related transmission purposes. There is no strict boundary between “wire” and “cable”. Usually, products with few cores, small product diameter and simple structure are called wires, those without insulation are called bare wires, and others are called cables; those with large conductor cross-sectional area (greater than 6 square millimeters) are called large cables, which are relatively Small ones (less than or equal to 6 square millimeters) are called small wires, also known as cloth wires.


Definition of WDZ

W refers to halogen-free, D refers to low-smoke, Z refers to flame-retardant, and N refers to fire-resistant, so the wire WDZN is collectively called halogen-free low-smoke flame-retardant and fire-resistant wire. It is a halogen substance, so even in a burning state, it will not produce dense smoke and halogen gas, and is suitable for densely populated public places, such as hospitals and libraries.

Classification of wire and cable WDZ
. Bare wire body: This type of wire has no insulation, only a simple metal conductor, which is directly processed by pressure, such as steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, electric locomotive wire, etc., because there is no insulation protection, so now in power lines It is basically useless;

. Power cable: The main feature is that the metal conductor is protected by an insulating layer, with high safety performance, and the manufacturing process is relatively complicated, including drawing, twisting, wrapping, armoring, etc. According to the different types of power cables, the processing technology will vary. a certain difference;

. Wire and cable for electrical equipment: There are many types of specifications and a wide range of applications, especially in circuits of 1kv and below. In addition, the wire can also be derived from suitable wires according to the needs of the occasion, such as the WDZN wire mentioned in the above article;

. Winding wire: refers to the conductive metal wire used to wind the coil or resistor, because when the current passes through the wire, a magnetic field is generated, so this wire is also called electromagnetic wire, and generally has an insulating layer on the surface.

Characteristics of wire and cable WDZ
WDZN has the characteristics of low-halogen, low-smoke, halogen-free and low-smoke, etc., and has good flame retardancy. Generally, this kind of cable is not easy to be burned by fire, and can effectively prevent the spread of fire. Even if it is burned by fire, it It is also non-toxic, low-smoke, halogen-free, and non-corrosive, so it is widely used in hospitals, petroleum, power plants, subways and other places.

90D wire and cable

D stands for diameter, and D9O is the standard comparison table for the bending radius of pipes and cables with a diameter of 9o: the bending radius of the cable can be explained from two aspects, one is the bending radius of the cable itself, and the second is the bending radius of the cable during construction and laying. Its cross-sectional integral is in square millimeters. For example, a 90 cable means that the cross-sectional area of the cable is 90 square millimeters.

Wire and cable size area
There are markings on the outer skin of the cable. For example, a 50mm2 4-core cable is marked as 3*50, 1*25, 3*50 means that the three live wires are 50mm2, one neutral wire is 25mm2, and some are 5-core cables. A live wire, if the label is not clear, you have to peel off the outer sheath, use a vernier caliper to measure the outer diameter (you need to measure the live wire, the thicker one is the live wire), the cable is as big as the diameter

Cable and wire specifications
The cable specification model is written on the insulation of each cable. The cable specification model actually represents the number of cores and cross-sectional area of the cable. It is also a reference data for cable selection. The number of each cable letter has a special meaning. So when we look at the cable specifications, we must look at the numbers of the cable specifications and models. The cable specifications and models so far have Bx copper core rubber insulated wires. Bsf copper-aluminum core green rubber insulated wire, bx2 copper-core rubber insulated soft wire, bv copper-aluminum core PVC wire, in addition, there are bv, VB, LVV which belong to copper-aluminum core PVC insulation, polyethylene Sheathed round wire, bv2 copper aluminum zinc PVC insulated flexible wire, bv105 copper core heat-resistant 150 degree PVC insulated flexible wire, v copper core PVC insulated flexible wire, rvb copper core PVC insulated flexible wire , rvs copper core PVC insulated flexible cord, tx copper core rubber insulated braided round soft wire, bbx copper core rubber bonded glass braided wire, bbla rubber insulated glass braided wire.

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