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Expectations In The Field Of High-end Special Wires And Cables

Oct 24, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Compared with ordinary cables, special cables have the characteristics of high technical content, strict usage conditions, high added value, and superior specific performance. At present, industries such as shipbuilding, rail transportation, clean energy, aerospace, petrochemicals, and new energy vehicles all require the use of a large number of special cables.

Based on existing power cables and cables for electrical equipment, Qifan Cable actively covers high-precision and cutting-edge products and areas that the company is less involved in and has not covered, and increases the development of new energy vehicles and charging piles, photovoltaic power generation, and 5 G. The demand for special cables in communications, military industry, aerospace, offshore wind power, nuclear power and other fields has made up for the lack of the company’s existing industrial chain.

Expectations In The Field Of High-end Special Wires And Cables

With the advancement of science and technology, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and the vigorous development of strategic emerging industries and high-end manufacturing, my country’s economy and society are further developing towards safety, environmental protection, low-carbon energy conservation, informatization, and intelligence. The construction and modernization of national smart grids Urban construction, large-scale transformation of urban and rural power grids, construction of new energy power stations and other fields have put forward higher requirements for the application of wires and cables, which also provides new historical opportunities for the development of special wires and cables.

Qifan Cable will further enhance and give full play to its competitive advantages in quality control, product research and development, brand image and rapid market response capabilities, driven by the research and development of new products, new materials and new processes, and based on the expansion of production scale , taking the R&D and production of high-end special cable products as a breakthrough, investing in the production of large-length submarine cables and UHV cables as a new round of industrial layout, continuously promoting the upgrading of product structure, and comprehensively improving the company’s core competitiveness, sustainable development capabilities and market share rate and consolidate its leading position in the industry.

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