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Green Building or Environmental Protection Cable Line Technology

Jul 20, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

Nowadays, the energy crisis is becoming more and more prominent, and energy saving and consumption reduction have already become an unavoidable topic in work and daily life. After the “National New Urbanization Plan” was announced, the field of green buildings has attracted much attention. Government departments have accelerated the development of China’s green buildings in an all-round way based on government subsidies and other methods, which shows that the country has announced that it has sounded the clarion call for the development of green buildings in my country. Wires and cables are the main arteries in engineering buildings, and the accelerated development of green buildings may stimulate a wave of product development for low-carbon environmental protection engineering wires and cables.

A green building refers to a building that maximizes environmental protection and energy conservation, saves intensive use of land, saves water, saves energy and reduces emissions, protects the ecological environment and reduces pollution, provides people with healthy, usable and efficient use space, and harmoniously coexists with nature within the entire service life cycle.

The construction industry is a large energy producer in the entire industrial chain, and high-rise buildings need to consume 25% to 30% more energy than ordinary multi-storey buildings. According to the application of new technologies for environmental protection and energy saving, energy consumption can be reasonably reduced, and the adverse impact on the natural environment can be greatly reduced or eliminated. In addition to the application of energy saving and environmental protection, green buildings pay more attention to the maintenance and use of the green ecology of the natural environment and sustainable development.

As the main artery in the building, wire and cable are also particularly important for low-carbon environmental protection. The service life of buildings is generally 70 years, while the service life of general wires and cables is only 25 years. Some wires and cables beyond the service life are very easy to become brittle, which poses safety risks and seriously endangers life safety. Under the guarantee of the electrical properties of wires and cables, various effects such as low-carbon, reliable, energy-saving and durable have become the research and development direction of cable manufacturers.

Xia Lin, deputy senior engineer of Shanghai Tongji University Architectural Planning and Design Science Research (Group Corporation) Co., Ltd., emphasized that the electrical design of wires and cables in green buildings mainly takes into account the following two levels:

  • Select the cross-section of cables and wires according to the economic density to reduce long-term wear and tear, and save investment in the entire life cycle;
  • Flexible and convenient wiring (office anti-static floor) meets the needs of different tenants and avoids a lot of repeated wiring.

Whether cable products can be used in engineering projects depends mostly on the installation company. Wire and cable manufacturing companies need to establish a close relationship with the installation company.” Li Sheng, president of the Intelligent System and Fire Installation Engineering Federation of the China Installation Research Association, said in an interview with reporters.
With the core concepts of energy saving and consumption reduction, environmental protection, energy saving, quality improvement and efficiency increasing, the development of green buildings has become an inevitable trend. As the main artery of the building, the development of green buildings will promote the development of engineering wires into a new stage of green and environmentally friendly development.

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