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How Can I Trust EMAC If You Only Accept T/T Terms of Payment?

As a well-established company, EMAC has been working in the power system supplying industry for over 12 years, with over 10 self-registered brands, have branch office in both Singapore, Thailand and with one joint venture in Thailand together with our business partner.

As a professional power system solution provider, EMAC has been recognized by plenty of international companies and domestic leading companies in China. EMAC is official OEM packager of DCEC-Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company, Deutz and Advance gearbox, while as the role of exporting agent of a dozen of leading companies in China, including Fast gear, Dongfeng Dana axle, Komman air suspension, CRRC Shandong and Jiaxiang (A Wabtec company).


There are so many chances for EMAC to earn quick money, we could become rich easily if we following petty trick.

In 2014, there is a Australia customer ordered 2 units 400kW Cummins marine generator set from EMAC, and this customer don’t need CCS or any other certifications.

For a marine generator, if customers don’t need certificate, most of Chinese companies will supply a modified industrial engine, this could lower down costs for 20,000.00 USD per unit. And if we do that, we could easily make 40,000USD extra on this project, but EMAC didn’t!


For all marine generator set, we insist on providing customers with certificates, this is the only way to prove that the engine, alternators are original from Cummins and Stamford. And certificates might be very useful for all customers one day in future.

This Australian customer blamed EMAC at the end, “I told you we don’t need certificate, why you give us certificate!”.

EMAC’s insistence seemed foolish to someone’s point of view, but we persisted, because every member here at EMAC is not working as a business here, we are working for our life career, which what we only cares, is the long-term relationship with every single of EMAC’s business partner and customers. Just like the Chinese proverb “Great Wisdom often Appears Slow-witted”.

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