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QIFAN PVC Insulated Cable 

Qifan PVC Insulated cable is a high-quality power transmission wire widely used in various industrial and construction fields. It uses polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the insulation material, which has excellent insulation performance and corrosion resistance. This Insulated cable is composed of multiple strands of high-purity copper conductors, which ensures the stability and high efficiency of current transmission. Copper conductors have good electrical conductivity and reliability, and can provide reliable power supply in high load and long distance transmission. The insulation layer of Qifan PVC cable has good wear resistance and heat resistance, which can effectively prevent the external environment from damaging the cable. Its outer sheath is made of high-quality PVC material, which has excellent wear resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, and can protect the cable from external physical and chemical factors in harsh working environments. Sail PVC Insulated cables also have great advantages in terms of installation and maintenance. Its flexibility and ease of bending make the installation process easier and more flexible. The identification and coding design of the cable makes identification and connection more convenient, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing errors.

Advantages of Insulated Cable

Excellent insulation properties
PVC insulation material has good insulation performance, effectively isolates current, prevents leakage and external interference, and ensures stable power transmission.

The relatively low cost of PVC material makes PVC insulated cables ideal for cost sensitive projects, providing an affordable power connection solution.

Wide adaptability
PVC insulated cables are suitable for a variety of application scenarios, from low-voltage to medium-voltage power transmission, as well as construction, industry, home appliances and other fields, providing flexible power connection solutions for various needs.

QIFAN PVC Insulated Cable Series

This list including all models of QIFAN PVC  Insulated Cable Series Click here to find PVC Insulated Cables by type
BVR 450/750V PVC Insulated Power Cable

BVR 450/750V PVC Insulated Power Cable

Model : BVR 450/750V
Rated Voltage : 450/750V
Insulation : PVC
Product Standards : GB/T 5023.5-2008
Specification Range : Customizable specifications

BV 300/500V PVC Insulated Power Cable

BV 300/500V PVC Insulated Power Cable

Model : BV 300/500V
Rated Voltage : 300/500V
Insulation : PVC
Product Standards : GB/T 5023-2008
Specification Range : 0.5~1.0 mm^2

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