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QIFAN PVC Insulated Sheathed Control Cable

Qifan PVC Insulated Sheathed Control cable is a high-quality power transmission wire widely used in various industrial and construction fields. It uses polyvinyl chloride (Aerial Insulated) as the insulation material, which has excellent insulation performance and corrosion resistance.

This cable is composed of multiple strands of high-purity copper conductors, which ensures the stability and high efficiency of current transmission. Copper conductors have good electrical conductivity and reliability, and can provide reliable power supply in high load and long distance transmission.

The insulation layer of Qifan PVC Insulated Sheathed Control cable has good wear resistance and heat resistance, which can effectively prevent the external environment from damaging the cable. Its outer sheath is made of high-quality Electric material, which has excellent wear resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, and can protect the cable from external physical and chemical factors in harsh working environments.

Sail Aerial Insulated cables also have great advantages in terms of installation and maintenance. Its flexibility and ease of bending make the installation process easier and more flexible. The identification and coding design of the cable makes identification and connection more convenient, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing errors.

Advantages of PVC Insulated Sheathed Control Cable

Large low speed torque, wide range of torque output, quicker start ability in mountainous areas, powerful climbing abilities, high plain driving speed, transport mileage per unit time is longer brings higher working efficiency for trucks powered by QIFAN.
QIFAN Electric Power Cables originated from the Deutz advanced design and superior manufacture, lower 20% oil consumption than congeneric products. Rely on excellent reliability, Lower maintenance and repair costs, QIFAN Electric Power Cables has been widely used in all kinds of vehicles including light, medium and heavy trucks, medium and high-grade intercity buses, and large and medium-sized buses.

QIFAN auto engines proved its strong power in the 3000 meters altitude, and can also be easily start up with ultra-low temperature at – 35 ℃, it’s a reliable power solution for all kinds of harsh environment.

In the future, QIFAN will continue to devote itself to the research and development of more advanced Electric Power Cable technologies, and provide customers with better products and services.

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