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QIFAN PVC Insulated Shielded Cable 

QIFAN insulated and shielded cable series is a cable product with insulation and shielding technology, providing a stable and reliable power transmission solution for your electrical projects. Whether you need to adapt to low-voltage or high-voltage environments, QIFAN insulated shielded cables stand out for their excellent electrical performance, durable insulation and safety and reliability.

At the same time, QIFAN insulated and shielded cables also have unique advantages in shielding performance. This series of cables adopts shielding technology, which can effectively reduce the influence of external interference and electromagnetic radiation on electrical signals, and provide more stable and clear signal transmission. This makes QIFAN insulated and shielded cables perform well in environments that require high anti-interference, such as industrial control, communication and other fields.

Regardless of your power demand scale or environmental requirements, QIFAN insulated and shielded cables can provide you with stable and anti-interference power transmission solutions. If you need information on more models, please feel free to contact our sales team for more technical details and related documents. Our professional team will fully support you.

Advantages of Insulated Shielded Cable

Strong anti-interference
The insulated shielded cable adopts professional shielding technology to effectively reduce the influence of external electromagnetic interference on signal transmission. This enables the cable to perform well in noisy industrial environments and high-interference scenarios, ensuring stable signal transmission quality.

High confidentiality
The shielding layer of the cable can effectively block the leakage of electrical signals and improve the confidentiality of data transmission. It is suitable for applications that need to protect sensitive data, such as communications and information security.

Stable and reliable
Insulated shielded cables not only have good insulation performance, but also improve signal stability through shielding technology. This enables the cable to maintain reliable signal transmission over long periods of use, reducing the risk of system failure.

QIFAN PVC Insulated Shielded Cable Series

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