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The Difference Between Wire and Cable

Jul 6, 2023 | Operation and Maintenance | 0 comments

Wires are conductive metal wires used to carry current. They have various forms such as solid, twisted, and foil. The insulated conductor formed in the sheath has a larger size and a more complicated structure. In addition, the second difference between wires and cables is that wires can be used to transmit information and electric energy, and can also be used as components and connecting wires of motors and electrical appliances, generally made of copper and aluminum; while cables are mainly used for communication and electricity, so cables are also divided into communication cables, power cables, control cables, etc.


Types of wire and cable
Wires and cables mainly include bare wires, cloth wires and power cables for electrical equipment, cross-linked cables and communication optical cables.

Wire and cable structure sequence
The structural elements of wire and cable products can be generally divided into four main structural components of wires, insulating layers, shielding and sheathing from the inside to the outside, as well as filling elements and tensile elements. According to the use requirements and application occasions of the product, some product structures are extremely simple.

Wire and cable failure
1. External damage. A considerable number of cable failures are caused by mechanical damage;
2. The insulation is damp. This situation is also very common, and generally occurs at the cable joints in direct burial or pipes;
3. Chemical corrosion. The cable is directly buried in an area with acid and alkali effects, causing the armor, lead skin or outer sheath of the cable to be corroded, resulting in failure of the protective layer, reduced insulation, and cable failure; 4. Long-term overload run;
5. The cable joint is faulty;
6. Environment and temperature;
7. Other reasons such as normal aging of the cable body or natural disasters.

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