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What Do the Letters of the Wire and Cable Represent?

Jul 6, 2023 | Installation and Commissioning | 0 comments

The models of our wires and cables are generally composed of 7 sets of letters and numbers. Different letters represent different wires. The specific examples are as follows:

1. The first group consists of one to two letters, representing the type and use of the wire, and different letters represent different wires, including the following:

A: Installation line
B: Cloth wire
C: Marine cable
K: Control cable
N: Agricultural cable

R: Soft wire
U: Mine cable
Y: Mobile cable
JK: Insulated overhead cables
M: Coal mines cable

ZR: Flame retardant
NH: Refractory type
ZA: Class A flame retardant
ZC: Class B flame retardant
WD: Low-smoke halogen-free type

2. The second group is a letter, representing the material of the conductor material
T: Copper core wire
L: Aluminum core wire

3. The third group is a letter representing the insulating layer.
V: PVC plastic
YJ: XLPE insulator
X: Eraser
Y: Polypropylene
F: Polytetrafluoroethylene

4. The fourth group is a letter representing the sheath.
V: PVC sleeve
Y: Polyethylene material
N: Nylon sheath
P: Copper braided shield
P2: Copper tape shield
L: Cotton yarn weaving Tulac
Q: Lead bag

5. The fifth group is a letter representing a characteristic.
B: Flat type
R: Soft
C: Heavy
Q: Light
G: High pressure
H: Electric welding machine
S: Twisted pair

6. The sixth group is a number, which represents the armor layer (subscript)
2: Double steel belt
3: Thin round steel wire
4: Thick round steel wire

7. The seventh group is a number representing the outer sheath. (lower subscript)
0: No sheath
1: Fiber layer
2: PVC sleeve

BVV-BV cable
Cable symbols and meanings
What do BV, BLV, BVVB, BVR, RV, RVS, RVV, QVR, AVVR, VV, VLV, KVV mean in wire and cable?

B: Cloth wire
Voltage: 300/500V Wires are divided into magnet wires and general insulated wires according to their usage. Insulated wires are also called cloth wires. Insulated wires (clothed wires) refer to wires covered with insulation layers, including various connecting wires and installation wires.
V: PVC polyvinyl chloride, that is (plastic)
L: Aluminum core
T: Copper core code (generally omitted and not written)
R: Soft
BV: Copper core PVC insulated wire
BLV: Aluminum core PVC insulated wire
BVR: Copper core PVC insulated flexible wire
The above wire structure: conductor + insulation.

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