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What does Cable MR Stand for?

Aug 25, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

Today I will bring you a piece of knowledge about cables, that is, what does mr in cables mean. I believe that many people only know what cables they need when they buy cables, but they have little understanding of what cables are. Hope this article can bring you useful.

MR Cable

wire and cable mr

MR refers to galvanized wire groove, also called metal wire groove. In the electrical diagram, MR means that the line is laid along the metal wire groove. MR means Metal Raceway metal wire groove.

Wire and cable CT
CT refers to the trough bridge, the trough bridge is also called the trough cable bridge, it is a fully enclosed cable bridge, it is most suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other control cables of high-sensitivity systems, etc. It has a good effect on the shielding interference of control cables and the protection of cables in heavy corrosion environments.

Common trunking types
Insulated wiring duct, open wiring duct, mini wiring duct, partitioned wiring duct, interior decoration wiring duct, integrated insulating wiring duct, telephone wiring duct, Japanese-style telephone wiring duct, open wire Wiring trough, circular wiring duct, exhibition partition wiring trough, circular floor wiring trough, soft round floor wiring trough, cover wiring trough).

The difference between cable tray ct and galvanized trunking mr

1. The cable tray is used for laying power cables and control cables;

2. The galvanized trunking is used for laying wires and communication cables;

3. The cable tray is relatively large (200×100 to 600×200), and it is suitable for the floors and distribution of general buildings.

4. The galvanized wire trough is relatively small, the turning radius of the cable bridge is relatively large, and most of the galvanized wire troughs turn at right angles;

5. The span of the cable bridge is relatively large, and the galvanized wire trough is relatively small , The fixing and installation methods are different; in some places;

6, the cable bridge is not covered, and the galvanized wire slots are almost all sealed with covers…Galvanized wire slots are used in various power distribution cabinets and instrument cabinets

7. The galvanized wire trough is used for wiring, and the cable bridge is used for running cables.

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