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What Does “T”|”T” in Wire and Cable Stand for?

Aug 17, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

T stands for copper in wire and cable. That is, if the pipeline is straight through, it is usually necessary to connect the neutral wire first, and then the live wire, or use a multimeter to measure it. Wire and cable representation method: The wire and cable representation method is mainly composed of three parts: model, specification and standard number. Cable Model Explanation: Insulation type: V stands for polyvinyl chloride; X stands for rubber; Y stands for polyethylene; YJ stands for cross-linked polyethylene; Z stands for paper. 2. Conductor material: L stands for aluminum; T (omitted) stands for copper. 3. Inner sheath: V stands for PVC sheath; Y polyethylene sheath; L aluminum sheath; Q lead sheath; H rubber sheath; F neoprene sheath. 4. Features: D no dripping; F phase separation; CY oil-filled; P lean oil dry insulation; P shielding; Z direct current. 5. Control layer: 0 none; 2 double steel strips; 3 thin steel wires; 4 thick steel wires. 6. Outer sheath: 0 none; 1 fiber sheath; 2 polyvinyl chloride sheath; 3 polyethylene sheath. 7. Add ZR before the code name for flame-retardant cables; add NH before the code name for fire-resistant cables; add DH before the code name for fire-resistant cables.

Wire and Cable

Which wires are prohibited from being used in hydropower transformation? In order to ensure the smooth operation of hydropower projects, we must also choose appropriate products when configuring wires. The following are the precautions for the configuration line of hydropower substation. 1. When we buy wires, if the price is lower than the normal market price, then don’t buy it. We usually go to large and formal shopping malls to buy. But if you are not sure, you can also consult a professional. Most of the wires on the market are domestically produced, and the brands are different, so the prices are also different. Normally, the higher the cost performance, the better the quality, and the craftsmanship and materials are also excellent. Therefore, in the case of sufficient funds, you should give priority to choosing products with high cost performance; 2. Check the wires again. Contact the after-sales personnel for overhaul; 3. Then check whether the wire core is copper core, and the copper wire should not be too thin, otherwise the quality will not meet the standard. Because the wire core is too thin, the conductivity cannot be guaranteed, and leakage accidents are prone to occur. Therefore, thick copper core wires should be preferred when purchasing.

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