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What is a Pre-Branch Cable?

Aug 4, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

Pre-branched cable

Pre-branch cables:
Pre-branch cables are prefabricated branch cables. The cables can be used directly after leaving the factory without on-site branching. High one-time electrification rate, avoiding various hidden dangers on site. Excellent shock resistance, airtightness, waterproof and fireproof performance. Pre-branched cables are cables that prefabricate branch lines according to user design drawings when the main cable is produced in the factory. It is a new technology product in recent years. Compared with the existing technology, it has excellent shock resistance, air tightness and water resistance. The construction period is greatly shortened, the material cost and construction cost are greatly reduced, and the reliability of power distribution is guaranteed to a greater extent.

Classification of pre-branch cables:
The pre-branch optical cable is composed of four parts:
1. Trunk optical cable.
2. Branch line.
3. Branch connector.
Related accessories, including ordinary type, flame-retardant type (ZR), and fire-resistant type (NH). Pre-branched cables are a substitute for busway power supply in high-rise buildings. It has the advantages of reliable power supply, convenient installation, good waterproof, small building area, low failure rate, cheap price, and maintenance-free. Applicable to AC rated voltage 0.6/1KV power distribution lines. It is widely used in the vertical power supply of medium and high-rise buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, and electrical shafts, and is also suitable for power supply systems in tunnels, airports, bridges, and highways.

Advantages of pre-branched cables:
1. Excellent shock resistance, air tightness, water resistance and fire resistance.
2. The main cable conductor has no joints, good continuity, and reduces the probability of failure.
3. Adopting advanced fully mechanized crimping technology to avoid the influence of human factors .
4. High customizability, the branch position can be set according to the needs of the power distribution point of the power distribution system.
5. The contact resistance of the branch body is extremely small, and will not be affected by thermal expansion and contraction.
6. high economic indicators, obvious comprehensive benefits.
7. Easy installation, short construction period, greatly reducing installation man-hours compared with closed busway.
8. Maintenance-free after installation and operation, no maintenance and maintenance are required in normal times.

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