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What is Engine Power Pack?

Engine power pack is a complete engine system that ready to provides power output without any additional accessories.

Diesel engine, as the core power source of all mobile machines, has been widely using in automotive, industrial, maritime, energy fields, railways, oil and gas field.


EMAC Team provide installation services at Istanbul, Turkey

As the power resources, diesel engines need different systems to coordinated operation to make sure the stable, powerful and durable power output. Due to different equipment have different installation and requirements on the outer accessories, most of engine manufacturers including Cummins, Deutz, Caterpillar, Perkins are supply engine with most of block attached accessories but without air intake, air exhaust, cooling and control system as standard configuration.

Which means most of engines are comes in the condition with engine long block, starter motor, alternator, engine belt, fuel system, turbocharger, flywheel housing and flywheel, the engine can start up itself for pre-shipment testing, but not ready with air filter assembly, muffler assembly, cooling radiator or heat exchanger, control panel, chassis, canopy and other required accessories.

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As a professional one-stop power solution provider, EMAC provides professional designed power pack for different kinds of applications. Based on the standard international well-known engines produced in their China factories, EMAC integrated with following systems :

Emac team installation guide

1. Engine Air Intake System:

We using Fleetguard, Donaldson air filter with brackets and pipes as a complete air intake system. EMAC provides options of different standard air filters, such as heavy-duty air filter, Plateau Type air filter to meet the different requirements from customers.

2. Engine Air Exhaust System:

Based on different requirement and different applications, we are supply industrial standard muffler, residential standard muffler, spark-arrestor type muffler assembly, together with elbow and all the related pipes as complete exhaust system. Our spark-arrestor type muffler is meeting the off-shore and maritime standard, which we also can provide CCS certifications with additional costs.

Emac team installation guide
Emac team installation guide

3. Engine Cooling System:

Radiator cooling system, heat exchanger cooling system and keel cooling system are the three major engine cooling system covers most of applications. For the radiators, EMAC stick to 50 degrees standard copper radiator for all of our projects, which are higher costs and standard products with longer using life-time, which is also repairable. The costs of 50 copper radiator is more than double price of 40 degrees aluminum radiator.

4. Engine Control Panel:

The requirement on engine control panel is various for different applications, EMAC able to provide both mechanical and digital panel that able to choose from showing the information of water temperature, oil pressure, engine speed, running hours and battery voltages etc., while all the protection functions such as high-water temperature, high oil temperature, low oil pressure, engine over speed protection are available together with alarm system, Start/Stop function also can be added based on customer’s requirement. For special requirements, we also supply engine control panel system that meeting specified standard, such as CCS certified engine control panel for marine engines and marine generator set, NFPA standard engine control panel for fire-fighting pump industry.

Emac team installation guide
Emac team installation guide

5. Chassis & Canopy:

For the customers don’t have well trained engineering to deal with engine and related system, we provide customize chassis and canopy services. To avoid the wasting of material, usually customer have to provide us design of the chassis or canopy they need based on the drawing of engine and radiator from EMAC, then we are able to customize manufacturing based on customer’s applications, and usually the chassis or canopy will include the mounting for extended products that connect to engine, such as water pump, hydraulic pump, alternator or other products. Based on our professional and automated modern manufacturing facility, we are able to supply high-quality, high-standard engine chassis, water-proof canopy, sound-proof canopy, super silence type canopy and mobile trailer.

Based on the above engine power pack solution, EMAC also provides customize engine power pack that integrated with more components and systems, such as dual output engine power pack, ultra-low temperature engine power pack and explosion-proof standard engine power pack.
dual output engine power pack: The integrated system that including both PTO and alternator, this system can provide both power output from PTO connection and electricity supply from the alternator that attached to the engine, the dual output can be either belt drive type, or transfer case drive type.

EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition
EMAC Team provide installation services at Istanbul, Turkey

Ultra-low temperature engine power pack: The system is special designed for ultra-low temperature working environment, which the engine power pack system can start up without auxiliary system at -40 degrees. The system integrated with coolant preheating system, lubrication oil preheating system, air intake preheating system to ensure the fast start up ability at ultra-low temperature working conditions.

Explosion-proof standard engine power pack: The system is customize developed for the Hazardous working environment, which usually have inflammable gas such as natural gas or methane gas. Our explosion proof engine power pack meeting the ATEX standard requirements, which all system are using non-spark type accessories, with special developed engine components such as cylinder head to control the engine surface temperature to meet the standard of below than 150 degrees. All of our explosion proof engine power pack has passed ZONE II certification in China.

EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition

Meanwhile, for the automotive and maritime application, EMAC integrated with more components together to form up the complete system, which called powertrain for automotive application and propulsion system for maritime application, you are welcome to find out more details on the related introduction pages:

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