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What Kind of Training does EMAC Provide?

As part of our culture and company strategy, EMAC have a detailed professional training system, with the target of growing together with our business partners all around the world. Our training program including products training, service training, marketing training and management training.

With aware of the best benefits for employees is training, EMAC pays extremely attention to the team training, from management system training to products acknowledges training, from in-house training to factory on-site training, EMAC continuously make investment on our employees, Infinite Evolution spirit driving EMAC forward all the time.

Our training is not limited to EMAC team in China, we are working hard to carry training for all our global team members as well as our global partners, inside of China or on partner’s site.

Training requirements are quite common from EMAC’s customers, by working together with our manufacturing partners, EMAC able to provide professional training services from installation training, commissioning training, after-sales service training for our partners. Most of our training are carried on brand’s authorized training center, EMAC will have accompanying translator that help all partner’s engineer can fully understand the training course and obtained better outcomes from the training course, the qualified certificate will be issued for all engineers that passed the training courses.

Regarding with business and management, EMAC is also actively with providing training services including online marketing training, video marketing training and management system training. EMAC believe training making both customers and EMAC growing together, and the most enjoying part of our business is the process of learning and growing together with all business partner all around the world.

For all the training course, EMAC will not charge any training or translation fees, the factories might have training charges, but most of situation should be close to free training, but all flight tickets, accommodations and food costs are paid by your own.

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