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Why You Can Trust EMAC and Its Products?

EMAC was established in the year of 2010, in the past 12 years, we accumulated more than 8000 customers from all over the world, we have get involved with more than 1000 projects that covered over 100 application fields. And we never changed our group company name, which knowing as EMAC (There are some Chinese companies have many companies name and they changed their company name about every 2-5 years).

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From the day of establishment, EMAC team clearly knows that we are not working as a job or business here at EMAC, we are working heart and soul as our lifetime career, there are lot of chance for EMAC to make quick money, lot of cases are even don’t have any legal risks, what we need to balance is only the standard of ourselves, which we believe will determine the height of our life.

EMAC team never took any shortcut with over 100 times chances, which might be stupid choices for other Chinese companies, but we clearly know, our down-to-earth attitude can’t make us billionaire in short term, but can brings continuous growing of EMAC, as well as many life time friends and business partners.

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There is not a single bad record of EMAC, we always stick to good quality products, and always provide quickly and professional services to all services cases, our outstanding performance brings EMAC lot of global leading partners, which EMAC as official exporting agent of OEM factory of them.

Meanwhile, EMAC developed our own BSIE internal management system, which is the foundation of smooth internal operation. Our TSIF quality control system is guaranteed all projects are correctly and timely delivered to customer, which Technical (T) contracts are signed with all customers on all orders. A supervising (S) team checks on-site production at business partners factories. Inspections (I) are carried on every single product to ensure that it meets technical specifications quality standards and schedule delivery time.

EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition

Technical follow- up will be carried on every single product, our services not ending at goods delivery, not ending in accomplishment of commissioning, our service is endless, we will always be there if you have any questions or need any help.
Long history with no changing of the name, official authorized exporting agent of OEM factory, advanced self-developed management system, all these factors are making EMAC to be the outstanding ones in the supplier list, which is the confidence of our customers and partners, also its the core competitiveness of EMAC.

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