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Antifreeze Measures for Wires and Cables

Jul 28, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

During the cold winter months, wires and cables are susceptible to freezing, which can lead to interruption of power supply or damage to equipment. Since the wires and cables are suspended outdoors, the surface is easily covered with snow and ice. When the weight of the ice layer exceeds the bearing capacity of the wire and cable, it is easy to cause the cable to pull the transmission tower, or pull the pole, and the cable itself to break. In order to ensure the normal operation of wires and cables, it is very important to take some antifreeze measures, and taking protective measures can effectively reduce costs.

First of all, pay attention to the selection of materials to choose cables that can withstand the cold. As ice and snow fall on the cables and the gaps between the cables, the center of gravity of the cables tends to be biased towards the snowy parts, thus generating a force that makes the cables rotate, and the snowball rolls bigger and bigger, and finally breaks . Therefore, cable rotation is the most important cause of icing. And if the cable is a hard conductor, when the snow accumulates enough, it is not easy to twist, and the snow will automatically fall from the wire. At the same time, due to the different hardness and density of the cables, when the snow gradually solidifies towards the ice, it will automatically shatter to a certain extent. Therefore, some manufacturers have developed a new type of high-voltage overhead cable, among which the Aero-Z new type of high-voltage overhead wire is famous all over the world. Iceland and Czechoslovakia, the coldest countries in the world, use this AERO-Z wire.

Second, apply antifreeze paint on the wire and cable. The so-called antifreeze coating is actually a kind of high temperature heat insulation coating or reflective heat insulation coating. It is designed to achieve the purpose of antifreeze through heat preservation. In addition, it generally has functions such as waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, crack-proof, fire-proof, and insulation.

Finally, a few key points about antifreeze measures:

  • Insulation: The use of insulation around wires and cables is a common freeze protection measure. Common insulation materials include polyethylene foam, mineral wool, rock wool, etc. These insulation materials can effectively slow down the impact of low temperature on wires and cables and prevent freezing.
  • Burial depth: For buried wires and cables, a reasonable buried depth is also an important factor for frost protection. The deeper the buried depth, the more it can avoid the direct impact of low temperature on wires and cables. Determining the proper depth of burial is critical, depending on climate and geography.
  • Preheating Equipment: Installing preheating equipment is a viable method of frost protection. Preheating equipment is usually a heating device that prevents freezing by heating wires and cables. Preheating equipment can provide enough heat in a low temperature environment to ensure that the wire and cable are within the normal operating temperature range.
  • Buried pipelines: In some special cases, it may be considered to install wires and cables in buried pipelines. Buried pipes provide an extra layer of protection that reduces the effects of low temperatures on wires and cables and prevents them from freezing. This method is often applied in particularly cold climates.

It should be noted that the selection of antifreeze measures should be based on specific conditions, such as climate conditions, types of wires and cables, and application scenarios. When implementing antifreeze measures, it should be carried out in accordance with relevant standards and specifications, and ensure the safety of personnel operations.

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